Chiharu Shiota | Gedankenlinien

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Chiharu Shiota gained international fame for her exhibition at the Japanese Pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale. Born in 1972, the artist from Osaka first studied painting in Kyoto. Later she went on to complete her art studies in Berlin as a student of Marina Abramović. With her works, mostly huge installations, she creates poetic interventions that are fragile and yet at the same time have a palpable physical presence. Recurrent elements in her art--such as webs made of knotted wool threads, boats, or red color--refer to the significance of human relationships, and present life as a continuous journey and blood as a symbol of life. Her personal experience and inner feelings are at the heart of her work. The fragility of her body and the awareness of her own finite nature are thus reflected in many of her pieces. This book provides a concise overview of Shiota's impressive work. In addition to her current installations, it showcases early works, drawings, and sculptures.

Dr. Andrea Firmenich für das Museum Sinclair Haus, Stiftung Nantesbuch gGmbH

März 2019

Text in German and English

88 pages, 23 x 26 cm, softcover