Andreas Schmitten | Bodies

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From an overview, Andreas Schmitten's multi-disciplinary, post-mediumal body of work can be described as an uncompromising quest for self-identity and an insistent evasion therefrom. Situated within the expanded field of sculpture, his works introduce an affinity to architecture, painting, technical drawing, product design, stage design and model making, as well as to tailoring and carpentry." (Ory Dessau)

ANDREAS SCHMITTEN: BODIES - BERLIN, KÜNSTLERHAUS BETHANIEN - Katalog hrsg. von Johann König & Paul Schönewald. Berlin 2017. Beitr. von Ory Dessau & Ruba Katrib. 24 x 32 cm. 166 S. mit 96 farb. ganz- bzw. doppelseit. Abb., Ausst'verz., broschiert - Text in dt. & engl. Sprache"