Solidarity Hoodie | Available 9th of July 2018


The Solidarity Hoodie is a KÖNIG SOUVENIR project in collaboration with the Frankfurt-based collective IGNAZ reacting to the current initiative ‘Berlin trägt Kippa’ (Berlin wears kippah).

The Solidarity Hoodie targets intolerance, hatred and anti-Semitism in our society. The kippah stitched on the hood stands for social unity. It is a sign of freedom of worship. A sign of tolerance. It celebrates our pluralistic and multicultural society. The hoodie can be worn on all occasions and is available in 5 different colours (yellow, green, black, grey and blue).


IGNAZ is a youth collective (Jakob Blumenthal, Joel Olchow, Bernado Macedo Weiß) which unfolds its creativity in music, design, fashion and photography. They started off as a young group which brought together people from many different creative backgrounds by organizing events in diverse creative spaces.